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There are various ways to make your journeys safer and to keep your car in the best conditions for a longer time.



  • Find out what is the correct pressure for your tyres and check it, at least, fortnightly with a good quality manometer or in the air pump of a repair shop.
  • Search for cuts on the sides. If one of the tyres needs air regularly, it might have a small hole.
  • Do not forget to check also the spare tyre.

Motor oil

  • Check the oil level using the oil dipstick at least fortnightly and before long journeys.
  • Change the oil and the filter according to the recommended regularity.
  • A high consumption of oil can be an indicator of motor problems.


  • Check the level of the cooling fluid regularly and fill it up, if needed - but only when the motor is cool.
  • Ask for an anti-freezing concentration check before the winter.
  • The anti-freezing fluid not only avoids the cooling fluid from freezing, but also avoids the corrosion of the cooling system, therefore it is important to check it all year round.

Accident report

If you see yourself involved in an accident, record the accident details in your accident report while you still remember them. Have a copy in the glove box, to help you supply all the accident details to your insurance company, when you notify it.